Plain Yogurt


One of My Favourite Ingredients

Yogurt has the ability to be the understudy for both sour cream and whipped cream.  It’s not that I don’t love both of those, I do, it’s just that yogurt is always in my fridge. It also happens to work for both sweet and savoury applications which is a bonus. It has a creamy texture I long for with the added character of being somewhat acidic.  The acidity is what sets it apart, giving it the ability to lift the flavour of whatever it’s used for.  It is this acidity which also makes it a star in the marinade game. I have one rule when buying plain yogurt, opt for one that has some fat. Anything in the range of 2%-9%, the higher the percentage, the more luscious and creamy it will be.

  • As a topper: dollop it straight up on to pancakes, waffles or oats and top with maple syrup, fruit and nuts.
  • A whipped hybrid: add a couple tablespoons to whipped cream for a next level whipped crea,.
  • Mix it with lemon zest, juice, a dash of hot sauce, salt and pepper and use it to drizzle over cooked veggies and potatoes.
  • Stir equal parts Mayo and yogurt into cabbage and brighten up your coleslaw.
  • Mix yogurt with some chopped tomatoes, green onions and cilantro and dollop it on chillies or curries.
  • Marinade: combine it with your favourite herbs and spices and use it to marinate chicken or lamb.

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  1. marlene

    I love to use it as cooling facial, and when I get sunburned as I have fair skin..Even when I do use sunscreen, some areas get less of it and more of the sun .
    I love also to use it to make tzatzki. mmmmm


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