Why you need a fish spatula even if you don’t eat fish

Fish spatula

The useful multipurpose tool

One of the tools I just can’t live without!

A fish spatula has a thin stainless steel body and its flexibility is what sets it apart from other standard spatulas.   It is ideal for fish because it’s long body allows you to flip this delicate protein with ease. However, I also happen to love it for flipping fried eggs, pancakes and crepes or for transferring cookies off a cookie sheet. It’s long but  flexible body makes it easy to use in any shape pan and allows you to angle it under your food for optimal use. I can’t live without my fish spatula.


  1. Sherry

    Can you get this in another material other than steel?

    • Andrea

      Hi Sherry,
      I have also seen them in silicone.


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