I am a BIG fan of brunch, especially on the long weekend.  A good sleep in followed by some leisurely time in the kitchen creating a delicious meal and listening to some light jazz is my fave! It really doesn’t matter what you eat, it’s more about a laid back attitude and the desire to spend some quality time with your family at the table.  Like Lionel Ritchie says “It’s easy  like Sunday morning.”


Welsh rarebit four ways

Cheese on toast, there is really nothing better.  Whether you eat it straight up or as one of these other mouthwatering iterations – you won’t be disappointed.


Easy breakfast pizza

I mean it’s pizza, obviously it’s a winner! 


Easy rolled omelette

Feed a crowd or feed yourself, this brunch recipe has endless flavour possibilities.


Grits and greens with eggs

A one pan meal with the flavour of the southwest. Creamy grits with greens and eggs is a brunch time winner.


Oat and banana pancakes


Everyone needs a delicious pancake recipe.  This one is both fluffy and moist and chock- full of oats and bananas.

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