This is not a knife sharpener, I repeat, not a knife sharpener!


Tools of the Trade

So you bought yourself a nice set of knives and you’re super excited because it comes with a steel to keep them all sharp right?  Sorry to burst your bubble but that steel isn’t what’s going to keep your knife sharp.

We’ve all witnessed a relative pull out a steel at a family dinner and use it on their best knife to within an inch of its life.   “Look at that, super sharp right? This will cut through that roast like a hot knife through butter.” The truth is, honing steel only helps to keep a knife’s blade in alignment.  Which in theory does make the knife seem sharper but it doesn’t actually sharpen it. Sharpening only happens when bits of the knife are gently ground off to produce a new sharp edge.  This is done by using a wet stone or electric sharpener. Learning to sharpen your own knives takes some practice so I recommend taking a class. You can also pay a professional to do it for you for a relatively low cost (my preference).  Then the honing blade can be used at home to maintain a good alignment. Sharp knives are key to making prep in the kitchen easier and more efficient.

Professional Ceramic Knife Sharpener

Professional Chef Whetstone Sharpener


  1. Laurie

    WOW!!! I did not know! I bet there are generations out there that don’t know! Thanks for sharing!

  2. P Ballantyne

    Can you recommend the best type of place to get knives sharpened?

    • Andrea

      Usually a restaurant supply store will be the best place. In Toronto Nella is a good choice.


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