Mix-and-Match Breading Station

Mix-And-Match Breading Station

For fish, chicken, tofu and veggies that taste like a treat yet are still on the healthy side, give ‘em a good breading! There’s no real mystery to crunchy coatings—classic breading stations have just three basic ingredients: flour, eggs, and fine breadcrumbs. Here’s how you do it:

  1. Set out three wide, shallow dishes side by side, assembly line style. Pie plates work well.


  1. Add flour to the first dish, gently beaten eggs to the second dish, and breadcrumbs to the third. It helps to have your sheet pan (or frying pan) ready after the breadcrumbs.


  1. Dry prepared proteins or veggies with paper towel, if needed, then start breading:
  • Coat (or dredge) with flour in the first dish
  • Dip in egg mixture in the second dish, allowing excess egg to drip off
  • Cover with breadcrumbs in the third dish
  • Place on baking sheet
  • Repeat

There are endless substitutions and combinations for your flour (dry), egg (wet), and crumb (coating) assembly line. Scour your pantry and trust your cravings.

Dry station: Try cornstarch, rice flour, or a mild gluten-free flour. Add in herbs and spices.

 Wet station: Use plain or spiced yogurt, mustard, or your favourite sauce in place of eggs.

 Coating station: Panko, crushed crackers, the ends of all the chip bags, unsweetened cereals, nuts and seeds (but mix nuts and seeds with other crumbs as they burn easily).

 And don’t forget a dipping sauce! Check out my Madras Curry Chicken Fingers with Raita and Crispy Baked Pepper Rings.


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  1. Donald Noseworthy

    As always, you give me ideas. I’m going to try the breaded veggies and chicken this weekend, hope they work for me. Thanks and keep on cooking.


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