LOVE YOUR LEFTOVERS: Hot turkey sandwich packages

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After cooking a large thanksgiving dinner, the thought of eating leftovers might be too much.  Freezing what remains is a great way to use what’s left for a time down the road when you just don’t feel like cooking. Hot turkey sandwiches are a classic comfort food that will satisfy the hungriest diner.  Pull these homemade TV dinners out of the freezer when you are ready and enjoy a home cooked meal.

Each package serves 1


6oz cooked sliced turkey meat

½ cup gravy

Optional: ½ cup of any leftover vegetable or stuffing

Optional: 2 tbsp cranberry sauce


  1. Add the turkey and gravy into an airtight freezer container.  Add the vegetables/stuffing and cranberry sauce.  Cover and freeze until ready to use.

  2. Remove from freezer and thaw in the fridge overnight.  Heat in the oven at 350F for 12min or in the microwave for 4min.

  3. Serve over toast.

Tips:Slice, shred or dice the turkey meat up before it goes into the freezer.Bones can be used immediately (or frozen separately) to make turkey stock or soup.Freeze it in useable portions (2, 4, 6 etc..) that make sense for your family or the way you intend to use it.


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