Kebabs 101

Kebabs 101


Fun for a crowd and easy to eat, there’s everything to love about grilled meats, cheeses and veggies on a stick. Whether you call them kebabs or kabobs or koftas or skewers or satays or yakitori (it’s all good), here’s how to make them extra delicious:  



 If you like mixed kebabs, the trick is making sure everything on the stick is cooked and ready at the same time. This means cutting meats to about the same size, and thinking about how long any other ingredients need to cook: a parboiled potato cooks much faster than raw, for example. Lamb, beef, chicken and shrimp are all great options, as is marinated extra-firm tofu.


Firm, meaty fish is your friend so that it stays on the skewer and keeps its texture: cod, haddock, salmon, swordfish, tuna are good options (sustainably sourced, of course). 


Cheese is so good on a skewer! Firm, grill-friendly halloumi is an ideal choice to thread and grill. There’s also Paneer, Queso Panela and Kefalotyri, if you can find them. Or, I sandwich plain-old mozzarella in between bread slices in my Cheesy Pesto Skewers.

Best Skewers

Whether metal or bamboo, a little coating of oil will help you thread your ingredients and slide them off when ready to eat. Soak bamboo in water at least 15 minutes in room temperature water, up to 30 minutes. While I love bamboo, who really remembers to soak them? Investing in a stainless steel set means your skewers will always be ready to go. Besides, meats and veggies tend to cling to metal skewers a little better, meaning your kebab is less likely to fall apart. Also, bamboo can break if you’re grilling up Flintstone-sized hunks of meat! 

Happy grilling!


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