Cooking to Fill Minds & Bellies

Homeschooling got you down?

I have the perfect solution: cooking. Hear me out—a few minutes cooking together teaches kids dozens of skills at once. Or, what the heck, toss the e-learning schedule  for a day and let them cook their hearts out.

Cooking basics is homeschooling at its absolute best, and here’s what kids get out of it:

• Confidence and self-esteem through accomplishment

• Creativity and aesthetics (exploring the beauty of food)

• Preliminary math (measuring, counting, sequencing events)

• Pre-reading (numerals, symbols)

• Reading (word recognition, left-to-right cueing)

• Science! (observation, cause and effect, chemistry)

• Small motor skills (hand-eye coordination)

• Endurance (kneading, mixing stiff batters)

• Patience and self-control (“a watched pot never boils”)

• Language (describing, predicting)

• Following directions

• Teamwork and community

• Food literacy (an essential skill and lost art)

Ready to teach through food?


  1. Heather

    cannot wait to try these recipes with my grandson when everything is back to normal.

  2. Mary Shakespeare

    You are doing an amazing job!

    • Andrea

      Thank you so much!

  3. Larry Buckett

    Kids can learn a lot from those book and spend some quality time in the kitchen

    • Marianne McPolin

      Looking forward to sharing this with my granddaughters when I can see them. Thanks Andrea.

  4. Debbie Stanley

    Looking forward to trying some yummy new recipes.

    • Andrea

      Thank you

  5. Wenda Recoskie

    I love to cook and I’m excited about the receipes you offer. Cooking is a passion not a chore.

    • Andrea

      Thanks so much for dropping by. I couldn’t agree more.

      • Kimberley Davidson

        And I couldn’t agree more! I have recently positively changed my eating choices with veggies and fruits, and I lOve getting creative. Haha, oh. I would love to talk food with you and about life, too of course!;D miss you and see you soooon

  6. Judy Moore

    Love your recipes. Looking for your black bean salad.


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