The most time-consuming thing about making devilled eggs is peeling the eggs! Luckily, Burnbrae has hard-cooked eggs that are both peeled and flavoured.  Flavours include dill, teriyaki, hot sauce and salt and pepper.  Not only are these eggs great for snacking on the go, but they make for a quick-and-easy appetizer during the holiday season.  Everyone loves devilled eggs, and these flavoured, brined eggs add a refreshing twist to an entertaining classic.

Makes 12 devilled eggs

3 pkgs Burnbrae Eggs2go (dill flavour)

4 tbsp mayonnaise

Garnishes: capers, shallots, bacon bits, pickled jalapeno peppers, black sesame seeds, small sprigs of dill

  1. Cut Eggs2go in half and gently scoop the yolk out into a bowl.

  2. Mix together the yolks and mayonnaise, stirring until smooth consistency is achieved.

  3. Place yolk mixture into a piping bag and pipe into the whites of the egg. (A zip-top bag works in place of a piping bag, too.)

  4. Place eggs on an egg platter with garnishes in bowls so guests can personalize their own plates.

Tip: If you don’t have an egg platter (with oval divets so the eggs don’t slide around) place green leaf lettuce on your platter to prevent the eggs from moving too much.

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