Cold Brew Coffee

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¾ cup coarsely ground coffee

3 cups of cold water

1-litre Mason jar with lid

Fine mesh strainer and cheesecloth or coffee filter


  1. Add coffee grounds into the Mason jar and pour water over. Screw lid on; place on counter or in fridge for 24hrs. You can strain the coffee out in a couple different ways. 
  2. Line a fine mesh sieve with a paper coffee filter (or cheese cloth) set over a bowl and slowly pour the cold brew through OR Use the reusable coffee filter from your coffee maker and pour the mixture through.
  3. Transfer strained cold brew to a glass jar; store in fridge for up to 2 weeks.
  4. Mix 1 cup cold brew with 1 cup water (or to your desired strength); add ice. Add dairy and sweetener, as desired.




  1. Marlene

    Thanks for breaking this down for us! Absolutely trying this out this weekend:)

    • Andrea Buckett

      Thanks for checking it out!


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