3 tools to get the most out of citrus


Tools of the Trade

Citrus is one of my favourite ways to make a meal sing.  Using the zest of citrus gives you a ton of citrus flavour while the juice lends a zing of floral acidity.  There are so many dishes that benefit from a squeeze of citrus juice or a hit of zest. To get the most out of your citrus whether it be lemons, limes, oranges or grapefruits, here are three tools you need.



One of my all time favourite kitchen tools, it’s the only tool that effectively removes the flavourful exterior layer of citrus. That layer is where all the amazing essential oils live which means aroma and flavour without the acid.  Think of the most lemony pasta dish or limey key lime pie and I guarantee you it’s the rind that’s the star of the show. However, microplanes can zest more than citrus, think hard cheese, nutmeg, chocolate and ginger.

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Pucker up because citrus juice is the life of the party.  The juice of citrus has the ability to heighten the flavour of a dish because of its acidic nature and floral flavours.  Akin to salt, citrus juice can take a dish that tastes just okay to one that is dynamite. There is no substitute for fresh citrus juice as the bottled variety rarely embodies the same bright notes without bitterness.  The ones that seems to be the most useful is a manual hand juicer with strainer and container.They work for most citrus and keep pits and pulp out of your juice.

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Vegetable Peeler

If all else fails you can employ a good quality Y vegetable peeler to remove citrus zest in wide swathes. These wider strips can be sliced thinner using a sharp knife or used as is to infuse sugar, adorn and flavour a cocktail  or used in marinades.

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